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Biology Week 2022: biodiversity at your fingertips

Eine Biologiewoche im Kanton Schwyz


Clubhaus Eseltritt

Biology week in central Switzerland

Biology Week 2022 : Biodiversität zum Greifen nahe
Image: SCNAT

In July 2022, we will be offering a biology week to high school students from all over Switzerland. You will explore the fascinating world of biodiversity. This attractive and free offer is aimed at students from all over Switzerland who are due to take their Matura exam in 2022, 2023 or 2024.

If you are interested in receiving more information about this event, please send your contact details to . Please mention if you are a student, teacher or parent.


  • Birds
  • High School II
  • Lichen
  • Mammals


Caroline Geissbühler
Commission for the Promotion of Young Talents
House of Academies
PO Box
3001 Bern

Anmeldeformular (hier unten) und Bewerbungsdossier vor dem: 06.05.2022

Die Unterkunft und die Reisekosten werden von der SCNAT übernommen.
Languages: German, French