Physics in Advent 2021

Under the motto "still 24 experiments until Christmas" 24 entertaining physics experiments are offered to do yourself, which are provided in a German and an English version. Physics in Advent (PiA) is designed for pupils in the school years five to ten, i.e. aged 11 to 18 years, respectively.

Physics in Advent - 24 experiments until Christmas
Image: Physik im Advent

From 1 to 24 December, everyone can watch a video clip of a simple experiment every day, which can easily be repeated at home. Afterwards one should try to answer the questions fot the experiment. The next day there is the solution - again as video clip. In the end, the results will be evaluated: individually, for a class group or even for entire schools. The best participants, classes or schools receive prizes.

In addition, the Swiss Physical Society (SPS) is sponsoring special prizes for school teams and for individual pupils who are enrolled in Swiss-based schools.

Not only the pupils but after the experiences of the previous years, parents, teachers, students or simply those interested in physical phenomena also have great pleasure in it. This year, adults in companies, departments and circles of friends are once again invited to join in as a team and puzzle.

Everyone who is interested can register via the PiA webpage. You find the link on the right hand side.


  • Promotion of young researchers