University of Geneva inaugurates Scienscope

The Scienscope is the scientific mediation center for classes of the UNIGE's Faculty of Sciences and was inaugurated on October 5.

Kinder im Physiscope der Uni Genf
Image: Sara Forestier - UniGe

The Scienscope aims at bringing the general public, in particular younger people, closer to science and making them curious about scientific research. It gathers the Astroscope, the Bioscope, the BiOutils, the Chimiscope, the Infoscope, the Mathscope, the Physiscope and the Terrascope, where young researchers from the UNIGE run interactive workshops and original experiments. The target audience is primarily school classes from the Canton of Geneva but also the general public.

The Scienscope welcomed the first school classes of the Geneva canton on 11 October. The opening to the public will take place in a second phase.


  • Promotion of young researchers
  • Science communication