Swiss Park Research aims to support the research projects of the parks of national significance and other protected areas (eg. UNESCO World Heritage) and to support them in their collaborations on priority topics.

Image: Christoph Walter,
In 2007, the legal basis for the establishment of parks of national significance took effect. Only the parks that come from regional initiatives and which are supported by the population are federally recognised as parks.
For an efficient and targeted management, the parks require extensive knowledge on data of the ecological, economic and social development. Park research is therefore supported in its long-term development. The parks and the protected areas are generally accepted as appropriate areas for comparative (national and international) research on various higher order subjects.

The coordination of park research in Switzerland encourages the dialogue between science and practice and supports the parks in the area of research. For this, it offers an information platform on completed, ongoing and new research projects. The research topics that deal with aspects of regional sustainable development and that are relevant to a comparative study of several parks have been concentrated in a thematic catalogue. It is a thematic basis for collaboration between science, administration and management of the parks. In addition, the needs in research of the parks are collected and the results of park research that are relevant to the practice are placed at their disposal.

Year founded: 2009