Climate Adaptation Research in a larger Europe

An analysis at national scale

An analysis of climate change adaptation research in Europe has been recently launched. ‘Climate Adaptation Research in a Larger Europe’ considers the research conducted in individual countries, as well as looking across sectors and providing a more detailed assessment through selected case studies. The report was prepared as part of the CIRCLE2 programme (Climate Impact Research & Response Co-ordination for a Larger Europe).

Download Climate Adaptation Research report: Climate Adaptation Research in a larger Europe

The key findings of the report are the following:

  • The number of national adaptation research projects varies greatly among countries. Countries with a national adaptation strategy show a higher number of projects.
  • The number of projects within the "adaptation measures" category has increased over the last decade supplanting the "vulnerability assessment" category.
  • The "agriculture and forests" as well as "biodiversity and nature protection" are the sectors represented by the highest number of projects.
  • "Water management" is the sector mostly combined with others which may reflect its cross-cutting nature.

Source: Source: Sousa, G. A., Avelar, D., Venturini, S. Ferrada Gomes, A., Capela Lourenco, T. (Eds.) (2014). Climate Adaptation Research in a Larger Europe: An Analysis at Local and National Scales. CIRCLE-2 Report, Foundation of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisboa, Portugal.


  • Impacts of climate change