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EULER–BERNOULLI: yesterday – today – tomorrow

A milestone in the Euler-Bernoulli editions


Freitag (siehe Plan):
Universität Basel
Petersplatz 1

Alte Universität Basel
Rheinsprung 9

For more than a hundred years, the Euler Committee has published the works and correspondence of the mathematician Leonhard Euler (1707–1783). The last printed volume will be celebrated with a ceremony in October.

Bild Euler-Bernoulli 2022
Image: SCNAT

At the occasion of the completion of the printed edition of the Opera omnia the Bernoulli-Euler Society, together with the Platform MAP of SCNAT, is organising a ceremony on October 28/29, 2022 in Basel.

This is also the transition to a new area: all works, letters and notebooks of Euler, the Bernoulli and their entourage are to be presented online and freely accessible on a modern digital platform. This immense task is now in the hands of the international Bernoulli-Euler-Committee, a body of the Bernouli-Euler Society.


Friday, 28 October 2022
Kollegiengebäude der Universität Basel, Petersplatz 1

  • 17:00 Words of welcome by A. Schenker-Wicki (Rector of the University of Basel), M. Tanner (President of the Swiss Academies of Art and Sciences) and M. Egger (President of the National Research Council of the Swiss National Science Foundation)
  • 17:30 Keynote address by G. Ziegler (President of the Free University Berlin)
  • 18:30 Apéro and vernissage of volume II 27 on Celestial Mechanics, and presentation of the Euler Comic

Saturday, 29 October 2022
Alte Universität, Rheinsprung 9

  • 9:00 Tea and coffee
  • 10:00 Talks by R. Gautschy (University of Basel), G. Grasshoff (Humboldt University Berlin), H.-Ch. Im Hof (University of Basel) und A. Kleinert (University of Halle)
  • 12:30 Lunch break
  • 14:30-18:00 Symposium on the scientific work of Leonhard Euler


  • Philosophy of science


Bernoulli-Euler-Gesellschaft (BEG)
c/o University of Basel
Departement Mathematik und Informatik
Spiegelgasse 1
4051 Basel

The lectures are public; registration is not mandatory.
Languages: English, German