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Energy-Commission of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences (Energy-Commission)

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The Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences seek to condense their specific competences with regard to energy into the framework of a commission. Such a commission not only widens their scope, but it also collaborates with already existing organizations concerned with energy. This collaboration should then foster a network of professionals in the field of energy, which is meant to include all disciplines.
This collaborative project enables the disclosure of all aspects of the Swiss energy system as well as short and long-term dependencies on both national and international scale. This commission of energy represents the Swiss research community while also responding to questions with regard to energy that may be of interest to politics and decision makers. Being highly supported by the research community as well as competent and open to dialogue, this energy commission contributes to the objectification of energy discourse. It also openly demonstrates scientific facts and justifies its consensus or disagreement, respectively.
The commission promotes and coordinates discourse and exchange of knowledge with regard to concerns of energy not only within research communities, but also between academies. Furthermore, it seeks collaboration with Swiss institutes of higher education. It cultivates close contact with international institutions, supports international research programs and promotes Swiss contribution within international research programs.

Year founded: 2012


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Energy-Commission of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences (Energy-Commission)
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