Colloquia & Seminars: Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science (ETHZ)

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ETH Zürich
Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science
CAB G 11
Universitätstrasse 16
8092 Zürich

Mondays at 16:15 in seminar room CAB G 11 at ETHZ

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Thu 19.09.19 15:00 - Extraordinary Seminar - CHN P 12
Cristian Proistosescu
The pattern effect: Sea-Surface Temperature modulations of radiative feedbacks through the lens of response theory

Mon 23.09.19 16:15
Prof. Sonia I. Seneviratne
Limiting global warming to 1.5°C: Why and how?

Thu 26.09.19 11:00 - Extraordinary Seminar - CHN L 17.1
Prof. Joke Lübbecke
What drives “Coastal Niños” in the Southeastern Tropical Atlantic and Pacific?

Mon 30.09.19 14:15 - Extraordinary Seminar - CHN L 17.1
Robert Jnglin Wills
Separating Climate Variability and Climate Change: Reducing the Needed Ensemble Size with Pattern Filtering

Mon 30.09.19 16:15
Dr. Holger Vömel
Stratospheric Water Vapor Processes and Trends from in situ Observations

Mon 07.10.19 16:15
Prof. Philippe Thalmann
Switzerland: Economic aspects of a transition to a 1.5°C world

Wed 09.10.19 14:00 - Extraordinary Seminar - CHN P 12
Dr. Benjamin Moore
Dynamics of long-duration extreme precipitation events along the U.S. West Coast

Mon 14.10.19 16:15
Dr. Flavio Lehner
Predicting future surface water availability

Mon 21.10.19 16:15
Prof. Ken Carslaw
Is it possible to reduce the uncertainty in aerosol radiative forcing?

Mon 28.10.19 16:15
Dr. Sandrine Bony
Elucidating the role of clouds-circulation coupling in climate - the 2020 EUREC4A field campaign

Mon 04.11.19 16:15
Prof. Elizabeth A. Barnes
to be announced

Mon 11.11.19 16:15
Prof. Suzana J. Camargo
Tropical cyclones and climate change: recent results and uncertainties

Mon 18.11.19 16:15
Prof. Camille Li
North Atlantic jet stream variability across weather to climate time scales

Mon 02.12.19 16:15
Dr. Paulo A. Ceppi
A refined model for the Earth's global energy balance

Wed 11.12.19 11:00
Prof. Stefan Brönnimann
From the Little Ice Age to the present climate

Mon 16.12.19 16:15
Dr. Julia Burkart
Cloud properties shaped by wind pollinated plants


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