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Beamline for Schools 2022 registration started

BL4S (Beamline for Schools) is an interaction competition open to high-school students of age 16 and older who, if they win, are invited to CERN for a two weeks period to run their experiment using a particle beam.

Beamline for schools
Image : CERN, Switzerland

Teams that want to participate at BL4S must have at least five students but there is no upper limit to a team’s size, although a maximum of nine students per winning team will be invited to CERN. Teams may be composed of students from a single school or from a number of schools working together (even if from different countries).

To participate, teams should read carefully the information about the beamline and the experimentation facilities and describe in their proposals why they think they should win the chance to carry out their experiment at one of the world’s leading laboratories for particle physics.

Online registration (optional) is already open on the link on the right hand side.
By registering the name of the team, the country and the email address of the team's coach, you will receive additional information such as supplementary documentation, mail addresses of physicists that you may contact for help or reminders of deadlines, and invitations to special events that we are organizing before the proposal submission deadline. Please note that you are not supposed to have a proposal ready when registering a team.

The submission of the proposals will close at midnight CET on 15 April 2022.
The proposals will be evaluated by a committee of senior scientists.
The winners will be notified in June 2022.

The written proposal of up to 1000 words shall explain:

  • Briefly (around 100 words) why you want to participate
  • In detail (around 800 words) how you would like to use the particle beamline for your experiment.
  • Briefly (around 100 words) what you hope to take away from the experience.

A 1-minute video that summarizes your written proposal in an original, creative, entertaining way and introduces the members of the team (get inspired by the videos of previous participants). Note that the video is not mandatory, but encouraged.

All information and a lot more can be found on the link on the right hand side.


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