Executive Board of SCNAT

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the strategic management body of SCNAT. Its tasks include the approval of the budget and the public representation of SCNAT. The Board members are also responsible for the authorization of mandates and service agreements with the platforms, including the controlling of the platforms.

Extended Board

The Extended Board consists of the board members elected by the delegates and the presidents of the platforms.

The central tasks of the Extended Board consist in the consolidation of the strategic management of the SCNAT and platforms to produce a general management concept which, in turn, leads to annual and multi-annual plans. This also includes the approval of the corresponding budgets. The Extended Board is also responsible for SCNAT’s representation on international bodies.

Board members

Philippe Moreillon Porträt

Philippe Moreillon
President of SCNAT

Microbiologist and Professor emeritus
niversity of Lausanne

Lukas Baumgartner Porträt

Lukas Baumgartner

Professor of Petrology and Geochemistry
University of Lausanne

Silvio Decurtins Porträt

​Silvio Decurtins

Professor of Chemistry
University of Bern

Emmanuelle Giacometti Porträt

Emmanuelle Giacometti

Director of the Espace des inventions Lausanne

Barbara König

Barbara König

Professor Emeritus of Zoology
niversity of Zurich

Christophe Rossel

Christophe Rossel

BM Research Zurich

Maria Schönbächler Porträt

Maria Schönbächler

Professor of Isotope Geochemistry
ETH Zurich

Presidents of the platforms

Naki Akçar Porträt

Naki Akçar
President Platform Geosciences

Senior Lecture of Exogene Geology
University of Bern

Pascal Mäser Porträt

Pascal Mäser
President of Plattform Sciences and Regions

Professor of Parasitology and Protozoology
Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

Ernst Meyer Porträt

Ernst Meyer
President Platform Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics

Professor of Experimentl Physics
University of Basel

Christoph Scheidegger Porträt

Christoph Scheidegger
President Platform Biology

Senior Scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL)
Professor at the University of Bern

Catherine Housecroft

Catherine Housecroft
President Platform Chemistry

Professor of Chemistry
University of Basel

René Schwarzenbach Porträt

René Schwarzenbach
President Platform Science and Policy

Environmental chemist and professor emeritus of Environmental Chemistry
ETH Zurich

Permanent guest

Daniel Marti Porträt

Daniel Marti
Consulting representative of the Federal authority

State Secretariat for Education and Research SERI, Section National Research


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