More densely populated urban areas call for more urban quality

If urban sprawl is to be stopped, the use of developed areas needs to be intensified. The results of the now completed National Research Programme "New Urban Quality" (NRP 65) show new ways of remodelling suburban areas. Developing building and land use in suburban areas will improve quality of life and efficiency in the densely populated Swiss plateau.

The vision of Giubiasco 2020 - 2030 shows how suburban areas can become urbanised. The key aspects of the project focusing on this suburb of Bellinzona are: buildings are oriented towards public spaces (e.g. parks, roads), business and living areas are mixed, industrial areas are repurposed. Development of agricultural land is to be avoided at all costs.
Immagine: Accademia di architettura di Mendrisio/USI

To stop urban sprawl and protect landscapes, suburban areas in Switzerland need to develop inwards. This strategy is widely accepted and has political backing. But implementation poses many challenges because greater density does not automatically produce a good quality of life. The expected re-development will affect large portions of the Swiss population: Switzerland has become a largely urbanised country in the last hundred years and developed areas are continuing to expand. There now is a need to improve urban quality in Switzerland. In this context, the National Research Programme "New Urban Quality" (NRP 65) is presenting its results and recommendations.


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