6th International Consortium on Evolution and Palaeoepidemiology of Infectious Diseases

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The origins of Syphilis in Europe: before or after 1493?

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The debate on the origins of venereal syphilis is more than 5 centuries old. It confronts supporters of an American origin with those advocating an older infection that emerged in the Old World. This question was the subject of a first international synthesis (ICEPID-1) in 1993:

The origins of Syphilis in Europe: before or after 1493?

New insights into the molecular biology of Treponemas, new paleopathological discoveries of skeletal treponematoses and the reactivation of paleomicrobiological research on Treponemas led to propose a new synthesis on this issue as an ICEPID-6.

Sessions program

I. History of syphilis - Theories and Men
II. Modern Treponematosis: present clues for past lues?
III. Treponema and bones: gummatous osteoperiostitis, from present to past
IV. On the molecular track of ancient syphilis
V. Treponemal infections in pre-Columbian Americas
VI. Treponemal infections in Europe before 1493: what’s new?

https://icepid-6.sciencesconf.org/ 01/08/2019.

Abstract submission (posters or oral presentations, 3000 caracters including spaces, abstract per first author, in english) until 30/09/2019.

Contact : icepid-6@sciencesconf.org


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