SGV-SAVIR Flyer Animal Experimentation

Animal research allows progress in medicine • Research into the fundamentals of somatic functions as well as known and new diseases and pathogens • Innovations or developments in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in humans and animals • Training of doctors, veterinary surgeons, animal keepers and scientists Animal research protects humans, animals and the environment • Checking the toxicity/safety of active substances and products for protecting health and life


Animal research
• Is used in basic research to study the anatomy of human
beings and animals
• Legally required for testing the efficacy and safety of new
medicines, chemical substances and products
• The testing of cosmetic products on animals is prohibited
Animal experiments may only be carried out:
• if there is no alternative to the use of animals and
then only if:
• they are ethically justifiable, i.e. the scientific benefit
outweighs the suffering of the animals
• conducted by trained specialists
• have a valid animal research permit
• are in compliance with the strict rules of the Swiss
Animal Welfare Act and under the control of the cantonal
The most gentle method must always be used as well as the
fewest number of animals. The distress to the animals must
be as little as possible, i.e. any pain must be combated with
painkillers and surgical procedures or anaesthesia.