Collezioni scientifiche

In Switzerland, numerous collections are stored in museums and universities and are very valuable for research, education and culture. However, their value is not sufficiently recognised, access to collection data for research is often difficult, and there is a lack of professionalised staff to expand and maintain the collections. Science is also developing new methods of species identification that need to be integrated, tested and standardised. Various measures have already been considered and initiated to make better use of collections.

Swiss natural history collections network (SwissCollNet)

An initiative for the development of a long-term Natural History Collections Strategy in Switzerland

Goals of the initiative

  • promote the management and curation of natural history collections in Switzerland;
  • unify physical and virtual access to biodiversity and geodiversity information;
  • provide new, linked and open access to data associated with collections;
  • create a platform to encourage and supprot the scientific use of natural history collections.

Further information about SwissCollNet will be published in January 2021

Imaging station at the ETHZ-ENT in Zürich
The Confederation supports SwissCollNet and its digital platform of natural science collections for research

The federal government is promoting an improved access to natural science collections with a total amount of CHF 12.37 million until 2024. The digitised collections provide unique data for climate,

Immagine: ETHZ-BIB/Pierre Kellenberger
Collection entomologique
La Suisse fait un mauvais usage de ses collections scientifiques

La Suisse tend à faire mauvais usage de ses vastes collections de sciences naturelles, lesquelles contiennent plus de 60 millions d'objets. À l'heure actuelle, seulement 17 % des objets sont

Immagine: Naturhistorisches Museum Basel

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