SCNAT and its network are committed to a sustainable science and society. They support policy-making, administration and business with expert knowledge and actively participate in public discourse. They strengthen the exchange across scientific disciplines and promote early career academics.

Image: Sebastian,
During the summer of 2019, 8 metres of ice melted at the snout of the Findelen glacier – an amount strikingly illustrated by a pole used for mass-balance measurements.
Image: Matthias Huss

IPPC Switzerland

The platform provides important information from the IPCC across the country and coordinates contributions by Swiss researchers.

IPBES Schweiz
Image: IPBES

IPBES Switzerland

The Swiss platform of the World Biodiversity Council highlights the state of biodiversity and coordinates national contributions.

Wind energy
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Future Earth Switzerland

SCNAT is the hub for Swiss participation in the Future Earth research programme on global environmental changes.