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SCNAT is committed to an efficient Swiss scientific system that serves society. It strengthens the exchange among the key players in science, raises awareness of the ethical responsibility of science and draws up guidelines for scientific work and its use.


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Simone Schürle and Jacques Dubochet
Simone Schürle on Shaping a Sustainable Research Culture

The results of my discussions at the «We Scientists 2035» workshop revealed that one of the problems with scientific culture widely experienced by participants, is growing pressure. The workshop this

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Change: Wandel in der Wissenschaftskultur
Lieber solide Ergebnisse als viele

Das Wissenschaftssystem wächst, denn Produktivität wird belohnt. Was in der Wirtschaft sinnvoll sein kann, führt in der Wissenschaft zu Fehlanreizen. Die Qualität wissenschaftlicher Ergebnisse kann teils nicht mehr ausreichend gesichert

Image: Gilles Nikles (SAGW)
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Swiss Young Academy

The Swiss Young Academy offers early-career researchers the opportunity to carry out inter- and transdisciplinary projects. With their commitment and contributions, its members strive to identify societal challenges at an early stage, offer solutions to these challenges and promote dialogue between science and society. The Swiss Young Academy was launched by the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences, to which the SCNAT belongs.