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The Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) is an independent network and specialist organisation in the domain of education, research and innovation. It raises public awareness of the natural sciences as a central pillar of Switzerland's cultural and economic development. The approximately 35,000 experts of the SCNAT network are committed to a sustainable society and science, primarily through services provided by reserves.

SCNAT platforms

Specific platforms and their scientific bodies deal with topics that are important to social and science policy. The platforms also unite the specialist societies of the various scientific disciplines as well as the Cantonal and Regional societies under their umbrella. The specialist societies and natural science societies are members of SCNAT.


Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT)
House of Academies
PO Box
3001 Bern

+41 31 306 93 00

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Philippe Moreillon Porträt

Philippe Moreillon

Jürg Pfister (Foto: Sandra Stampfli)

Jürg Pfister
Secretary general

  • 57 commissions and scientific bodies
  • 42 specialist societies
  • 29 cantonal and regional societies
  • 35'000 experts

In the network of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences

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Together with the Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences SAHS, the Academy of Medical Sciences SAMS and the Academy of Engineering Sciences SATW, SCNAT is part of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences a+.