International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2015

Sustainability and health: emerging topics and new challenges for inter- and transdisciplinary research

Lieu de l'événement

Messeplatz 21

Highlight: The presentation ceremony for the «swiss-academies award for transdisciplinary research 2015» will take place during the conference.

International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2015

The two goals of the conference are:
- To explore synergies among the "thought collectives" of health, sustainability, and transdisciplinarity, while releasing the full potential of this interaction for Public Health, Sustainable Development, and societal problem solving in general.
- To bring together the international td-community to critically reflect and advance transdisciplinary research.


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  • Transdisciplinarité


Tobias Buser
Académies suisses des sciences
Réseau pour la recherche transdisciplinaire (td-net)
Maison des Académies
Case postale
3001 Berne

+41 306 93 61

Soumission d'un abstract
Deadline (extended): 14.06.2015

Langues : Anglais