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IPCC AR5 expert review for WG II (Impact, Adaptation and Vulnerability)

Call for registration as expert reviewer by 9 June 2012

The WG II Expert Review takes place from 11 June to 6 August 2012. It seeks wide participation of experts and aims for a range of views, expertise, and geographical balance. The WG II Bureau therefore invites all experts with expertise and/or publications in the specific areas covered by the IPCC Report on Impacts and Adaptation to assist in the assessment process by registering to review the chapter(s) of the First Order Draft for which he/she is an expert. Prospective Expert Reviewers are asked to provide information on their scientific and technical expertise. Please refer to the WG II AR5 approved outline below.

Teaser: IPCC AR5 expert review for WG II (Impact, Adaptation and Vulnerability)

This is an opportunity to review if the draft is a balanced presentation of the current understanding in your field of expertise. In addition you may suggest relevant reviewed journal articles to be referenced in the report.


IPCC AR5 WG II Impact, Adaptation and Vulnerability

Part A: Global and Sectoral Aspects
1 - Point of Departure
2 - Foundations for Decisionmaking
3 - Freshwater Resources
4 - Terrestrial and Inland Water Systems
5 - Coastal Systems and Low-Lying Areas
6 - Ocean Systems
7 - Food Production Systems and Food Security
8 - Urban Areas
9 - Rural Areas
10 - Key Economic Sectors and Services
11 - Human Health
12 - Human Security
13 - Livelihoods and Poverty
14 - Adaptation Needs and Options
15 - Adaptation Planning and Implementation
16 - Adaptation Opportunities, Constraints, and Limits
17 - Economics of Adaptation
18 - Detection and Attribution of Observed Impacts
19 - Emergent Risks and Key Vulnerabilities
20 - Climate-Resilient Pathways: Adaptation, Mitigation, and Sustainable Development

Part B: Regional Aspects
21 - Regional Context
22 - Africa
23 - Europe
24 - Asia
25 - Australasia
26 - North America
27 - Central and South America
28 - Polar Regions
29 - Small Islands
30 - Open Oceans

Each prospective Expert Reviewer is required to complete the registration form. Prospective reviewers are asked to indicate the chapter(s) that they are interested in reviewing, provide supporting information on their relevant expertise, and confirm their expertise through a statement of self-declaration.
Following completion of the registration process, each Expert Reviewer will receive an email from the WG II Technical Support Unit on 10 June 2012 with an individual username and password. Username and password will be specific to each expert and may not be shared.

Pre-registration as Reviewer: [1]
Please contact ProClim- to receive the access information [2] Subject: IPCC AR5 WG II Pre-registration. The e-mail should contain your detailed address.