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14th International Meeting of the Society for Anthropology

Human and Humankind in Motion


James-Simon-Galerie, Museumsinsel Berlin, Bodestraße, 10178 Berlin, Deutschland

All questions relating to movement – whether physical, mental, spatial or ideational – will be addressed by the conference of the Society for Anthropology (Gesellschaft für Anthropologie, GfA).

X-ray of lower limbs

We walk, run, jump or swim with the most diverse motivations and goals. We travel, migrate, inhabit and spread out. We have always done so. We dance, do gymnastics or jog; it gives pleasure to our soul and arthritis to our joints. We think, change, and improve or strive to make the world a better place. We develop ideas, technologies or ideological concepts and religions. We are human beings and all these aspects of movement define us. In many languages there are different variants of the proverb „change is life“. Many of these questions play crucial roles in various scientific disciplines and anthropology has many of them at its core: the development and expansion of humankind, human locomotor system, human creativity, and inventive nature, these are the key founding aspects of anthropology.


  • Anthropology
  • Anthropology, Primatology
Abstract submission: 12.02.2023
Early registration: 03.03.2023
Late registration: 15.03.2023
Languages: English, German