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Riverscape – sediment dynamics and connectivity

Practice-oriented research in hydraulic engineering and ecology

The interdisciplinary research project ‘Riverscape – sediment dynamics and connectivity’ combines the two topics of hydraulic engineering and ecology. Researchers from these two disciplines have worked together to establish fundamental principles and propose solutions for the restoration of sediment dynamics and habitat connectivity. The most important results relevant to practice are presented in this publication.

FOEN (2023) Riverscape – sediment dynamics and connectivity
Image: BAFU

Riverscapes are a diverse habitat mosaic of patches ranging from wet to dry that are shaped by the hydro- and morphodynamic characteristics of the river. Sediment dynamics and connectivity are therefore two key elements influencing the flood protection and ecological functions in river restoration efforts. The interdisciplinary research project ‘Riverscape – sediment dynamics and connectivity’ links hydraulic engineering and ecology to evaluate measures fostering sediment dynamics and to explore functional riverscape habitats. This publication comprises a summary of the main research findings of the project, supplemented by perspectives from researchers and practitioners who were not directly involved in the project.


  • Ecology
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  • Revitalisation
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