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«Science is not family-friendly»

Statements of young scientists on the way to make research today.

We scientists shape science at SPS annual meeting in Lugano (August 2016).

Young scientists are giving statements to scientific culture at the annual meeting of the Swiss Physical Society in Lugano. Is there a crisis of science? What can we do better? Join us now to make it better! Your voice counts!

«Science is not family-friendly»
Oliver Fischer, Postdoc, University of Basel

«It’s important to publish negative results»
Marcos Penedo Garcia, Postdoc, EMPA

«There should be more interaction between science and the industry»
Xue Zhao, PhD student, EMPA

«Science depends more and more on the economy»
Marco Valente, PhD student, University of Geneva

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Young scientists have no clue what they're getting into
It's important to publish negative results
There should be more interaction between science and the industry
Science depends more and more on the economy


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