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Course: Cultivating Inclusive Learning Environments

Diversity and Equity in my Classroom

This on-site course on Cultivating Inclusive Learning Environments is designed to give a hands-on approach to help participants develop their own ideas about inclusive learning and the effective use of technology.

Course: Future Classroom Lab

Course dates: 23-27 October

Where: Future Classroom Lab (Brussels)

Through workshops, participants will become more familiar with active learning and how its implementation may cultivate inclusive learning environments. Focus will be given on the use and integration of ICT in the classroom in order to benefit all students, including those with disabilities as it enables them to access learning, gives them greater autonomy, unlocks the potential for those with communication difficulties, etc. Teachers will be given the opportunity to learn how to design lessons and activities for learners with social, emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties.

All courses will be delivered in English and the participants must have at least solid basic skills in English language (listening, speaking) to be able to follow up the instruction and take part in the course activities.

Movetia will cover part of the costs of these events, and those interested should contact Movetia if they have any questions. Movetia will take care of registration. Contact for information and registration: Milena Metzger Jahiu, Movetia ()


  • High School I
  • High School II
  • Primary school