Challenges and potential in regenerative medicine

Booming miracle cures and undue pressure to gain fast-track approvals threaten medical promises.

EASAC-FEAM report "Challenges and potential in regenerative medicine"
Image: EASAC

European Academies of science and medicine call upon European lawmakers to protect biomedical science from false claims. In an era of stark competition on the global medicine and healthcare market, some regulators have become increasingly permissive. Experts from all over Europe therefore caution that enthusiasm on the broad potential of regenerative medicine applications has led to a gap between expectations and the realities of translating regenerative medicine into clinical practice. The Academies’ report emphasises that the goal of regenerative medicine is to tackle diseases, which are incurable up to now, and that cosmetic applications, for example, are inappropriate for the time being. The scientists therefore urge the EU to resist the pressure and put patients first.

Edition / Volume: EASAC Policy Report, 40
Pages: vi, 30 p.
Standard identifier: ISBN 978-3-8047-4144-7



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