Small state, big companies

Rules for economic globalization and the role of Switzerland

Switzerland is small, rich, and profits greatly from globalization. Consequently, it is under growing international and public pressure from those who wish to make the world economy “fairer” and “more sustainable” by means of transnational rules. Home to many multinational companies, Switzerland is highly exposed to any such regulatory changes. Yet it need not assume a passive role. Indeed, the very process of implementing rules for multinational companies provides valuable scope for action. This factsheet places the issue in a historical and legal context.

Kleiner Staat, Grosse Unternehmen

Source: Gertschen A, Bürgi Bonanomi E (2020). Small state, big companies: Rules for economic globalization and the role of Switzerland.Swiss Academies Factsheet 15 (2

Verantwortungsvolles unternehmerisches Handeln im Globalen Süden (Kurzversion)

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