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Open Data

In recent years a number of changes in scientific research took place, under the umbrella of the ‘open science’ label. Open access has essentially been introduced in natural sciences. Many researchers followed the path of open source by making their simulation codes publicly available. Presently the introduction of open data (and open data management plans) are on the horizon (or already introduced) by many European Funding Agencies. But the implementation of open data poses many challenges.

«Workshop «Open Data and Data Management – Issues and Challenges»

Open Data

On 29 October 2018 more than 120 scientists discussed issues with open data and data management, organized by the Platform MAP of the Swiss Academy of Sciences. Below you find the minutes, the presentation and the flyer of the event.

Workshop «Open Data and Data Management – Issues and Challenges»


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The SNFS with its funding scheme «Scientific Exchanges» also supports the organisation of events that allow research communities to exchange best practices on how to develop a Data Management Plan, preparing research data and making it publicly available.