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The Colloquium in Atmospheric and Climate Science is a seminar series of scientific talks by prominent invited speakers assembling interested students and scientists from around Zürich. The students are exposed to different atmospheric science topics and learn how to take part in scientific discussions.

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Tue 15.09.20 12:00-Extraordinary Seminar- Zoom
Viktoria Cologna,
Majority of German and US citizens support policy advocacy by climate researchers

Mon 21.09.20 16:15-Kolloquium- Zoom
Dr. Simone Fatichi - by Zoom:
Dissecting the water tower of Europe: high-​resolution ecohydrological modelling of the Alps

Mon 28.09.20 16:15-Kolloquium- Zoom
Prof. Stephan Füglistaler
The peculiar trajectory of global warming

Mon 05.10.20 16:15-Kolloquium- Zoom
Prof. Barbara Noziere
Characterization of surfactants in PM1 atmospheric aerosols: from bulk to single-​particle analysis

Mon 12.10.20 16:15-Kolloquium- Zoom
Dr. Barbara Ervens
Biological aerosol properties and processes: What do atmospheric modelers need to know?

Mon 19.10.20 16:15-Kolloquium- Zoom
Prof. Greg McFarquhar
Use of Cloud Probes on Aircraft to Learn about Cloud Processes: Applications to Weather and Climate

Mon 26.10.20 16:15-Kolloquium- Zoom
Dr. Amy H. Butler
Stratospheric polar vortex extremes, their impacts, and implications for future climate change

Mon 02.11.20 16:15-Kolloquium- Zoom
Dr. Ann Kristin Naumann
On the interplay of water vapor, clouds and shallow circulations in the trades

Mon 09.11.20 16:15-Kolloquium- Zoom
Prof. Ian Renfrew
Air-​Sea-Ice interactions over the sub-​polar North Atlantic: impacts on the climate system

Mon 16.11.20 16:15-Kolloquium- Zoom
Dr. Catherine Naud
Processed-​oriented evaluation of midlatitude clouds and precipitation in climate models

Mon 23.11.20 16:15-Kolloquium- Zoom
Prof. em. Dani Or
What determines surface evaporation? Local and global perspectives

Mon 30.11.20 16:15-Kolloquium- Zoom
Dr. Giuseppe Zappa
Framing physical storylines of future precipitation changes

Mon 07.12.20 16:15-Kolloquium- Zoom
Prof. Reto Knutti
The value of science in crisis situations: From COVID-​19 to climate change

Mon 14.12.20 16:15-Kolloquium- Zoom
Dr. Rosie Fisher
Seeing the wood for the trees? Strategies for managing the complexity of ecological process representation in Earth system models


Please note that the colloquium program is only conducted as a distance lecture due to the ongoing COVID 19 situation. The zoom link is available on the Friday before the respective lecture on the IAC-Website
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