Science and policy division

The Science and Policy division comprises the correspondent platform with its expert committees (forums). The platform conducts dialogue with decision-makers in politics, administration, economy and society. It supports these stakeholders with scientific findings on important societal issues.

The forums develop scientifically sound information, advise in political discussions and provide experts. They contribute political and administrative concerns to research. In addition, they promote networking among scientists in the respective subject areas and coordinate cooperation with international commissions.

Karin Ammon Porträt

Karin Ammon
Head of Science and Policy division

Phone +41 31 306 93 09‬


Science and Policy

Karin Ammon
Managing director

Phone +41 31 306 93 29

Expert commissions

Daniela Pauli Porträt

Swiss Biodiversity Forum

Daniela Pauli
Head of forum

Phone +41 31 306 93 40

Franziska Oeschger Porträt

Genetic Research Forum

Franziska Oeschger
Head of forum

Phone: +41 31 306 93 36

Oliver Inderwildi

ProClim – Forum for Climate and Global Change

Oliver Inderwildi
Head of forum

Phone +41 31 306 93 51

Ursula Schüpbach Porträt

Forum Landscape, Alps, Parks

Ursula Schüpbach
Head of forum

Phone +41 31 306 93 45

Gabriela Wülser Porträt

Sustainability Research Initiative

Gabriela Wülser

Phone +41 31 306 93 28

Urs Neu Portrait

Energy commission

Urs Neu

Phone: +41 31 306 93 52


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