SCNAT and its network are committed to a sustainable science and society. They support policy-making, administration and business with expert knowledge and actively participate in public discourse. They strengthen the exchange across scientific disciplines and promote early career academics.

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Science division

The science division comprises the four disciplinary platforms for biology, chemistry, geosciences as well as for mathematics, astronomy and physics. The platforms bring together scientists from scientific societies and expert committees in Switzerland. They connect the stakeholders of the various disciplines, promote the transfer of knowledge, impart specialist expertise for society and politics, and provide good conditions for researchers in Switzerland.

The Commitee for the Promotion of young talents also belongs to this devision. It promotes science teaching at school and scientific literacy.

Marc Türler (Foto: Sandra Stampfli)

Marc Türler
Chef de la section Sciences

Téléphone +41 31 306 93 65


Claudia Rutte  (Foto: Sandra Stampfli)


Claudia Rutte
Cheffe de la plateforme

Téléphone: +41 31 306 93 35

Leo Merz (Foto: Sandra Stampfli)


Leo Merz
Head of platform

Phone: +41 31 306 93 30

Pierre Dèzes (Foto: Sandra Stampfli)


Pierre Dèzes
Head of platform

Phone: +41 31 306 93 25

Marc Türler (Foto: Sandra Stampfli)

Mathématiques, astronomie et physique

Marc Türler
Chef de la plateforme

Téléphone: +41 31 306 93 65

Expert commissions

Pia Stieger (Foto: Sandra Stampfli)

Swiss natural history collections network (SwissCollNet)

Pia Stieger
Head of SwissCollNet

Phone: +41 31 306 93 39

Anne Jacob (Foto: Sandra Stampfli)

Commission for the Promotion of Young Talents

Anne Jacob
Head of Commission

Phone: +41 31 306 93 05


Dr Marc Türler
Platform Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics (Platform MAP)
House of Academies
PO Box
3001 Bern