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Schweizerischer Forstverein (SFV)

Logo von Schweizerischer Forstverein
The members of the Swiss Forest Society (Schweizerischer Forstverein (SFV)) share their professional activity related to the forest ecosystem, either in the context of practice, research or teaching. Beside the forest engineers from Federal Institutes of Technology (ETH domain) and from universities of applied sciences (UAS) as well as the environmental scientists who obtained a Master in forest and landscape management, the SFS members are biologists, geographers, land planners, legal experts and civil engineers.
The SFS is committed to the conservation of the forest and its divers services, so that future generations will also be able to benefit from it. The commitment emphasizes the forest as an integral part of the landscape, as a producer of wood and other forest products, as a protection against natural dangers, and as a supplier for services such as biodiversity, recovery or drinking water.
The hot topics are discussed within working groups. The topics of these working groups are “forest biodiversity”, “forest and wild fauna” and “forest planning and management”. The forest society promotes the dialogue between members in order to exchange their experience, identify developments, solve problems in a global way and participate actively at the level of forest polity discussions. The SFS offers numerous events and excursions as well as the publication of the “Swiss Forest Journal”.

Year founded: 1843
Number of members: 780 (2021)
Schweizerischer Forstverein (SFV) is a member of SCNAT, Platform Geosciences


Schweizerischer Forstverein (SFV)
c/o Lukas Denzler
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