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Swiss national Selection 2016

The Swiss national selection for the European Science on Stage Festival 2017 in Debrecen took place on November 12, 2016 at Technorama in Winterthur.


Technorama, Winterthur

Meeting place

Technorama, Winterthur

Every two years, Science on Stage Europe organises a Europe-wide education festival at venues across the continent. Each time, up to 350 STEM teachers from over 25 countries come together to share and exchange their ideas and concepts for successful mathematic-scientific-technical education. Each participant present his scientific activity during a Fair. Beside the visit of the different stands, everybody can participate to workshop, seminars, conferences and scientific shows.

Concours national SonS2016

Primary teachers have also their place in Science on Stage to present their way to fill with enthusiasm the children for natural sciences and technics.

The 4 best projects have won their place to the European Festival in Debrecen, Hungary in June 2017.

From left to right: Sacha Glardon, Nicole Traber, Tibor Gyalog, Reto Speerli, Felix Speerli, Amandine Forny
From left to right: Sacha Glardon, Nicole Traber, Tibor Gyalog, Reto Speerli, Felix Speerli, Amandine Forny
  • Maurice Cosandey, president ad interim
  • National selection SonS CH 2016
  • Sacha Glardon
  • Project 1: Nicole Traber & Tibor Gyalog
  • Project 2: Amandine Forny
  • Project 3: Felix & Reto Speerli
  • Project 4: Thomas Scheuber
  • Projet 5: Sacha Glardon
  • Projet 6: Lola Hofstetter & Guillaume Murat
  • Project 7
  • The candidates 2016
  • The participants 2016
  • Thomas Scheuber
  • NSC SonS CH
  • Fair Science on Stage Switzerland 2016
  • Maurice Cosandey, president ad interim1/15
  • National selection SonS CH 20162/15
  • Sacha Glardon3/15
  • Project 1: Nicole Traber & Tibor Gyalog4/15
  • Project 2: Amandine Forny5/15
  • Project 3: Felix & Reto Speerli6/15
  • Project 4: Thomas Scheuber7/15
  • Projet 5: Sacha Glardon8/15
  • Projet 6: Lola Hofstetter & Guillaume Murat9/15
  • Project 710/15
  • The candidates 201611/15
  • The participants 201612/15
  • Thomas Scheuber13/15
  • NSC SonS CH14/15
  • Fair Science on Stage Switzerland 201615/15
Project Ikarus: Speerli & Speerli

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  • Promotion of young talents


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