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23rd Swiss Global Change Day



08:30 - 16:50


Freies Gymnasium
Beaulieustrasse 55
3012 Bern

The Swiss Global Change Day is the annual event organised by ProClim where well-known experts present challenges and highlights of climate and global change research covering a broad range of topics. It is also an opportunity to present research results by posters and to discuss them with colleagues. The most attractive and comprehensive posters will be honoured with a travel award of 1000 francs.

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Register now until
16. April 2023:


  • Edouard Davin (Wyss Academy for Nature, University of Bern): Nature-Based Solutions: an illusion or a key strategy to tackle climate change?
  • Bettina Schaefli (University of Bern): Swiss water resources under pressure – what challenges do we face ?
  • Hannah Schmid-Petri (University of Passau): Climate communication beyond promoting problem awareness – improving the relationship between science, politics and society
  • Marco Springmann (University of Oxford): The health, environmental, and economic implications of changes towards sustainable diets
  • Michael Stauffacher (ETH Zurich): How to reach net zero: Real-world labs as a platform for transformative science at the interface between research and practice
  • Marcel Visser (The Netherlands Institute of Ecology, Wageningen): Differential seasonal shifts: climate change leads to ecological relationship problems

Poster Session:

This event is an opportunity for students and post-docs to present research results by posters and to discuss them with colleagues. The most attractive and comprehensive posters will be honoured with a travel award of 1000 francs which allows the winners to attend an international conference in the current year. The poster awards are sponsored by ACP, SAGW and ProClim.

Posters can be submitted in the following categories:

  • Geosphere | Biosphere
  • Atmosphere | Hydrosphere
  • Human Dimensions | Sustainability

If you would like to enter the poster contest, you are asked to send your poster as a pdf file (max. 10 MB) until 10 April 2023 to . Do not forget to register for the event separately.

Please read the Terms and Conditions for participation in the poster session and the contest: 23rd Swiss Global Change Day: Terms and Conditions for participation and Criteria for the poster evaluation

Scientific Organisations: Would like to present your organisation and its work with a poster or/and stand? Get in touch with us directly:

NEW: Workshop for young researchers (students and postdocs):

‘Debunking Fake News and Confidently Dealing with Scientific Uncertainty’


This one-hour workshop for young researchers (students and postdocs) is based on the sad truth that fake news and SCAM-attacks (Scientific Certainty Argumentation Method) are established means of undermining the reception of scientific results that should lead to political change. Climate research is not the only field where this is happening but many of the insights on the topic were gained here.

The workshop first gives hints for interactions with journalists to portray uncertainty as a strength rather than a weakness of scientific research. The second topic is the debunking of fake news. The workshop presents a standard method that is preferable to ‘naïve’ debunking and offers a short online exercise in how to use that standard method.

The workshop is held by Christopher Schrader, science journalist with 30 years of experience and author of the German language handbook on climate communication ‘Über Klima sprechen’, published by klimafakten.de and Oekom. Schrader lives in Hamburg, Germany and will attend online.

Please let us know with your registration if you would like to attend this workshop. The number of participants is limited.

First come, first served: The places will be allocated to young researchers (students and postdocs) according to the date of registration and payment.

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  • #SGCD23: Teaser: Michael Stauffacher
  • #SGCD23: Teaser: Marcel Visser
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  • Biosphäre
  • Geosphäre
  • Geowissenschaften
  • Globale Veränderung
  • Human- und Wirtschaftsgeografie, Humanökologie
  • Hydrosphäre
  • Klimatologie, Atmosphärenphysik, Aeronomie
  • Veränderung


ProClim − Forum für Klima und globalen Wandel (ProClim)
Haus der Akademien
3001 Bern

Poster submission


CHF 80.– (Standard)
CHF 40.– (Student)
CHF 0.– (Speaker, Jury and ProClim Steering Committee)
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