Optimal conditions for Swiss science

The SCNAT contributes to international science policy developments and represents the interests of Swiss science globally. She is a member of the International Science Council (ISC), an association with over 140 national and regional science bodies as well as more than 40 international scientific unions. The SCNAT nominates scientists from Switzerland to ISC decision-making bodies and scientific committees of ISC programmes. In addition, she chairs and hosts the secretariat of the European ISC Members since 2016.

Through its disciplinary Platforms Biology, Chemistry, Geosciences as well as Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics, the SCNAT also supports the membership of Swiss National Committees in international scientific unions.



Dr. Roger Pfister
Accademia svizzera di scienze naturali (SCNAT)
Casa delle Accademie
Casella postale
3001 Berna

+41 31 306 93 06

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