SCNAT and its network are committed to a sustainable science and society. They support policy-making, administration and business with expert knowledge and actively participate in public discourse. They strengthen the exchange across scientific disciplines and promote early career academics.

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SCNAT awards prizes for the promotion of early career scientists and for the successful communication of scientific content.

Awards by SCNAT

Polar research
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Prix de Quervain

Prix de Quervain for Polar and High Altitude Research is attributed to young scientists for outstanding achievements in their Master or PhD thesis or other research projects. The Prix de Quervain is announced annually, and funded by the Swiss Committee on Polar and High Altitude Research (SKPH), the Commission for the for Research Station on Jungfraujoch (SKJF) and the Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research.

Awards by member organisations

Alexander Groos / Enrico Mattea

At the Top of High Altitude Research: Two Young Researchers Awarded the 2021 Quervain Prize

Discovery of the oldest high-altitude village in the world, situated at a dizzying 3500 m, and melting snows and glaciers of Monte Rosa – the two young researchers Alexander Groos

Image: S. Erlwein / E. Mattea
Prix Média Newcomer 2021 für Simone Pengue

Viren, Volt und Daten

Wie kommen wir aus der Corona-Pandemie heraus? Und wie stellen wir auch künftig die Stabilität des Stromnetzes sicher? Zwei Fragen, die von hoher gesellschaftlicher Relevanz sind und von den Wissenschaftsjournalisten

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Born in Catania, Sicily, Gabriel Cuomo went to Trieste for his master's degree, to Lausanne as a doctoral student, and finally to New York as a postdoc. The picture shows Cuomo during a visit to Switzerland.

Gabriel Cuomo receives the CHIPP Prize 2021

Last year, Gabriel Cuomo successfully defended his PhD thesis in theoretical particle physics at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). For this academic achievement, the Sicilian-born physicist, who now lives

Image: G. Cuomo
Prize-winners Prix Schläfli 2021 (from upper left): Gregor Weiss, Fabian Mahrt, Claudia Aloisi, Gabriel Dill

Prix Schläfli 2021 award for the four best dissertations in natural sciences

The body's own defence against urinary tract infections, a new method for quantifying and determining genetic damage, evidence in so-called Diophantine geometry and the question of how soot from combustion

Image: M. Feldmüller, G. J. Crescenzo, ETH Zürich / N. Pitaro, M. Bosshard